Genoveva Fossas

Undergraduate Research Assistant @ UCF

About me

I’m a senior Burnett Honors Scholar at the University of Central Florida studying computer science. My primary interests include software security, programming languages, and program analysis. Outside of class, I participate in undergraduate research with Dr. Paul Gazzillo on a project involving compilers for security. I also have experience as a front end developer through my two summer internships with the Service Quotas team at Amazon Web Services. The best way to contact me is through my email, as I check that far more often than any of my social media accounts.

In my down time I love to illustrate, tinker with software, and read. I also started learning how to rock climb and hope to continue when the pandemic settles down. I recently built my first desktop computer and have been honing my JavaScript skills.


Undergraduate Research Assistant - University of Central Florida (October 2019 - Present)
  • Implemented modifications to LLVM’s register allocator to support a side-channel free architecture. Tasks included adding an instruction to LLVM, modifying the register allocator’s source code, and modifying source to source transformation programs to perform custom transformations.
Software Development Intern - Amazon Web Services (May 2020 - August 2020)
  • Developed an AWS Service Quotas widget for integration into other AWS Consoles. The final JavaScript widget provided a more convenient experience for current Service Quotas customers by displaying the values of each customer’s quotas.
AFE Software Development Intern - Amazon Web Services (May 2019 - August 2019)
  • Built a baseline for an internal console that aimed to make on-boarding to and management of information on AWS Service Quotas easier for new and existing AWS services. The console lists services on-boarded, their quotas, and details about the listed quotas.

Recent Project(s)


I currently work with four other classmates on adding string verification to OpenJML. OpenJML is a tool that helps Java developers to formally verify Java code, making the process of developing secure code easier. Our work mostly focuses on adding support for SMTLIB strings into OpenJML. This project is part of my group's senior design curriculum.


I recently created a successor to my first discord bot GlitchBot. This new bot, called EK400, includes “days since” boards that display how many days have passed since a user-provided date. These boards are implemented as objects in an enmap, and both multi-member server-wide boards and personal DM boards are supported. In the future, I plan to add self-serve role management, random image commands, and some bot responses for phrases that aren’t directed toward the bot. Instructions on how to use the bot in your own server are provided in the README.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

University of Central Florida, 2017-2021

  • Burnett Honors Scholar
  • Member of ACM-W, Hack@UCF


Not included here is my familiarity with Linux and Git, as well as some prior experience with Java's Swing framework.

CVery Proficient90%JavaProficient75%JavaScriptFamiliar60%React.jsFamiliar60%C++Prior Experience30%TypeScriptPrior Experience25%

Courses (Spring 2021)

  • Biology 2
  • Senior Design 2
  • Graduate Operating Systems Design Principles
  • Statistical Methods 1