About Me

I'm a PhD student at Northeastern University advised by Dr. William Robertson as a member of the Diverge Lab. My primary interests include software security, programming languages, and program analysis.

I received my Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Central Florida, where I was an undergraduate research assistant in the APPLeSEEd Lab. I also interned at Amazon Web Services for three summers, where I worked on widgets and web consoles for the Single Sign-On and Service Quotas teams.

In my down time I love to illustrate, tinker with software, and read. I also started learning how to rock climb and hope to continue when the pandemic settles down.


Mar 2021
I will be joining the Diverge Lab at Northeastern University as a PhD student in Fall 2021!
June 2020
I was awarded a student scholarship for the 2020 Grace Hopper Conference.
Oct 2019
I joined the APPLeSEEd Lab as an undergraduate research assistant.