About Me

I'm an incoming PhD student at Northeastern University to be advised by Dr. William Robertson. My primary interests include software security, programming languages, and program analysis. I received my Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Central Florida, where I was an undergraduate research assistant on a project involving compilers for security.

I have also been an intern at Amazon Web Services for three summers. I have worked for both the Single Sign On and Service Quotas teams, where my work mostly revolved around developing the front end of new consoles and widgets.

In my down time I love to illustrate, tinker with software, and read. I also started learning how to rock climb and hope to continue when the pandemic settles down.


Mar 2021
I will be joining the Diverge Lab at Northeastern University as a PhD student in Fall 2021!
June 2020
I was awarded a student scholarship for the 2020 Grace Hopper Conference.
Oct 2019
I joined the APPLeSEEd Lab as an undergraduate research assistant.